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ecu rempapping mot and service in bolton

Your car is bespoke to you and every driver has different expectations and ways of driving their pride and joy. Unleash your vehicle’s full potential and improve fuel consumption with ECU remapping from the team at Heaton MOT & Services in Bolton.




The benefits of ECU remapping will be a little different depending on your specific car, whether it’s diesel or petrol and whether or not it has a turbo engine.


Our car repair team will work with you to optimise your vehicle to its maximum performance. To the right are just some of the benefits on offer.

ECU remapping

Professional ECU remapping in Bolton, Whether you are looking for a sports performance remap, diesel engine tuning, our expert ECU remapping specialists use the latest engine chip-tuning diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure each client gets the custom remap they require.


We promise to custom tune each and every engine and vow never to offer common & dangerous “one-size-fits-all” ECU Remaps.

As main agents of top gear tuning all our vehicle so)ware is custom written by their in house

remapping technicians, each file is specific for your vehicle.




ECU remapping is the reprogramming of the engine control unit – or ECU. It is purely a change to the software setup and no hardware adjustments need to be involved.


The experienced team here at Heaton MOT & Services in Bolton will take a read from the ECU processing chip of your vehicle’s standard issue map and adjust the parameters on it in order to optimise the vehicle to your unique driving style, delivering the ultimate engine performance from your car.


ECU remapping is necessary because manufacturers tune engines to cope with all of the scenarios one of their vehicles might encounter – from sub-zero temperatures in Scandinavian regions to the hot summers of countries like Spain and Italy.


What we can do as car repair experts, is tune your vehicle’s engine performance to the driving conditions it will experience with you behind the wheel and ensure it delivers peak performance for your climate and driving style.

  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Smoother power delivery
  • Improved throttle response
  • Enhanced power delivery
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