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Tyres and Exhausts in Bolton

Looking to get your tyres or exhaust checked or replaced? With our car repair services, we’ve got the skills and expertise you need to get your car up and running, in peak condition. Book your check-up with us today.

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People often think that when there’s an immediate problem with your tyre that the best thing to do is to replace it.  But you’d be surprised to hear, that a lot of the time, repairing your damaged tyres is a lot more feasible, than you’d think – as well as often being quicker and cheaper than a total replacement.


Flat tyres, punctures and other damage can happen very easily. Even a perfectly healthy tyre that avoids accidents can wear down slowly over time – without you even realising it. It pays to keep an eye on your tyres and exhaust to keep them in general good health.



  • Exhaust produces rattling noises.

  • You notice more smoke than is usual.

  • The sound is louder than usual.

  • Your car has trouble starting.



It’s important to regularly check your exhaust is in peak condition. The older your exhaust becomes, and the more miles on your car’s clock, the less efficient it becomes.


Over time, the exhaust can leak, rust, or just generally wear down, and this can have increasingly detrimental effects on your overall driving and health of the vehicle if left unmanaged


Even if you think everything’s fine, consider getting your exhausted tested at least every year, as part of a MOT or servicing, car diagnostic check, or as its own service.

You’ll be happy to hear that here at Heaton, we’re on hand to provide all of these services as you require us.


Our specialist car repair services are among the most reliable in the Bolton area, and you can always trust our honest mechanics to give you the best expertise and advice.

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