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mot in bolton

Our MOT testing service and car service centre are designed to get your vehicle working in a safe, reliable, and legal way. With some of the finest mechanics in Bolton, along with the most competitive prices – we’re your one-stop shop for all things car repair.



All vehicles are legally required to get annual MOT testing after they reach three years of age. For some, it’s even crucial after they reach one. It’s important to make sure you get your MOT test sorted in plenty of time for your annual deadline. It’s also vital to make sure that you get the most thorough and comprehensive MOT for your money. 

Our MOT services cover all the essential checks and maintenance required to make your car road legal. This includes both safety and environmental standards, as well as electrical equipment, brakes, exhaust and tyres.

From the very first MOT you book in with Heaton, we’ll make sure you receive free MOT reminders so your vehicle is always up to date and safe.

Not sure when your MOT is due? no problem, you can check the MOT status of your vehicle.

We also remind you annually when your MOT is due although we still recommend that you register your vehicle for an MOT reminder 



A car service is slightly different from an MOT. Where an MOT ticks off a list of checks that the law requires you to maintain, a car service looks at the general health of your vehicle.


An MOT asks:


  •  Is the car safe?


A car service asks:


  • Is it operating at its best?


Quite simply, a car service gets into the finer details of your car’s performance in a way that an MOT doesn’t need to.


Our mechanics have the skills and experience to identify and diagnose problems with your vehicle that you didn’t even know where there yourself. We’ll make sure it not only works and is completely safe, but also that it is running at its most economical and to its finest performance level.


Book with us today to find out more about our MOT testing service, car service centre or other car repairs, by contacting us direct:




An interim service will keep your car running smoothly and efficiently and help prevent any more serious problems from going unnoticed. We advise our customers to book an interim service in every 6,000 miles, or for most drivers, every 6 months.


We’ll check all the essentials for you in an interim service, including:


  • Checking the brake fluid, screen wash and anti-freeze coolant.

  • The condition of the engine.

  • Testing the batteries, tyres and lights




A major service is designed for cars that regularly undertake longer journeys when it’s even more important to make sure everything is in great working order. It’s advisable to book in a full service every 12,000 miles or around once a year for most drivers.


As well as checking everything that’s covered in an interim service, we’ll go that bit further and look at much more, including:


  • Tyres and wheels all in order.

  • Coolant system operating efficiently.

  • Gearbox and engine mounts tested for wear.

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