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MOT and Service in Bolton: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

What is an MOT and service?

Getting an MOT and service for your car is one of those unfortunate parts of being a motorist that you simply cannot avoid.

The MOT test is designed to determine whether your vehicle is safe to operate on the road, and if not – what needs fixing in order to get it back into shape.

The acronym itself stands for Ministry of Transport, the government authority that regulates and standardises the MOT testing service.

Why do I need an MOT and service?

MOT and service in Bolton and around the rest of the country is a legal requirement, if your vehicle is allowed to be driven. This is primarily for the safety of other people on the road around you – since older, temperamental vehicles are more likely to break down and cause accidents.

New vehicles are generally allowed three years before requiring an MOT. Thereafter, your MOT check must be completed annually.

The fine for being caught driving a vehicle without a valid MOT is £1,000.

What happens if my car fails its MOT?

If you fail your MOT, you won’t be able to drive your vehicle until you’ve solved the problems that caused it to fail. A decent car repair garage will tell you what these problems are.

Once these problems have been solved, you can arrange a partial or full re-test and get your vehicle certified again.

How can I avoid my car failing its MOT?

Cars often fail their MOT for small problems that are annoyingly easy to solve. If you don’t correct these faults however, you’ll still have to pay for a further MOT testing service, so you should check these simple things beforehand:

  • Is the screen wash empty?

  • Do stickers on the windscreen obstruct the driver’s view?

  • Is the registration plate too dirty to clearly see?

  • Is the car dirty or cluttered?

  • Are your car’s warning lights on?

Any of these problems are relatively simple to solve beforehand and could avoid you failing your MOT.

Where can I find a reasonably priced MOT and service in Bolton?

If you’re looking for a top quality vehicle repair shop, whether for car repair, a car service centre or MOT and service in Bolton, then Heaton Servicing Cars has what you’re looking for.

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